How to Have 5 Types of Fun on 1 Panama Vacation

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Planning a family vacation can be an exercise in negotiation and patience, especially when your family is made up of six vocal, strong-willed individuals. Our Panama vacation, however, magically checked all our boxes. Relaxing beach vacation? Check. History lesson vacation? … Continued

Visiting the Panama Canal With Kids

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Visiting the Panama Canal was was the number one thing my husband—a man invested both personally and professionally in international shipping—wanted to do in Panama. So we did, of course, see the Panama Canal, and I was pleasantly surprised how … Continued

Let’s All Tiny Travel

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“Small travel” became a thing last year, as we all got itchy feet but were still anxious about it. The New York Times defined it as “staying close to home, but feeling like you are far away.” Which I find … Continued

Things to Do in Bear Lake, Idaho

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Even though the billboards promising “The Caribbean of the Rockies” feature only the lake, there are plenty of other things to do in Bear Lake. From hiking to historical drama to the famed raspberries, there are many good reasons to … Continued