ExOfficio Wanderlux Cap Sleeve Midi Dress Review

ExOfficio Wanderlux Cap Sleeve Midi Dress

Sometimes you find a dress you love so much, you want it in every available color. If you’re lucky, that dress just jumps out at you in an airport store while you are killing time. That was the case with this ExOfficio dress for me.

The ExOfficio Wanderlux Cap Sleeve Midi dress demanded my attention. It said, “Buy me!” And who am I to argue with a talking dress?

Dresses are great for travel in hot climates, but it can be hard to find a comfortable, flattering dress for a post-baby body. I am always on the hunt for the perfect mommy travel dress, and I think this is it! But rest assured even if you haven’t had kids and have stumbled across this review, this dress will look and feel just as awesome on you.

ExOfficio Wanderlux Cap Sleeve Midi Dress
The ExOfficio Wanderlux Cap Sleeve Midi Dress is amazing for travel…an looks pretty snazzy too.

Why This ExOfficio Dress is Amazing

I have become a little obsessed with finding the best wardrobe for travel with my little monsters. There’s nothing worse than wasting critical suitcase space on something you wear once, when that space could have been filled with diapers or action figures. (Okay, there are actually much worse things, like a kid puking on an airplane, or a toddler who needs to go potty during takeoff, but let’s not think about those things until we have to.)  

I love dresses. They provide excellent airflow, allowing you to stay cool in tropical climates, and they transition well to dinner at a restaurant, in case a miracle happens and you get one of those. However, frequently a dress that looks adorable on the model online does NOT look adorable when clinging to my…well, let’s just say lots of dresses are too clingy for me. I want a dress that I don’t fall out of, that I can wear my undergarments with, that won’t show every little crumb that my child smears on me, that will wash and dry well and that HAS POCKETS. (Pockets are critical, amiright?)

And ExOfficio nailed it!

The Fit

This dress. I can’t even describe how great it is. First of all, when shopping for a dress, you must look at the neckline: if the toddler you’re carrying pulls on the top, will you flash some innocent passerby at the airport? Not in this beauty! The top stretches enough to be comfortable, but not so much that your kids can get both arms inside it (or is it just mine that try that?) It’s also nice and long with plenty of room in the skirt — so you can walk, squat, sit, lean over to tie shoes, have a kid try to get under your dress…all without showing your undies.

It’s made of a knit that is just stretchy enough and thick enough to hide imperfections without being so thick that you can’t wash it out in the bathroom and hang it over a shower rod to dry.

Ex Officio Dress
Oh, all the things I can fit in the Wanderlux dress pocket!

The Features

The ExOfficio Wanderlux dress is incredibly flattering with cap sleeves, a scooped back and a shirred waist. It even has pockets, including one with a zipper, so critical stuff (like a passport or the pacifier) doesn’t fall out! It comes in two gorgeous prints as well as that old staple, black. I, of course, chose the one with the most colors, the better to hide whatever my kid spills on me on our first flight.

It’s moisture wicking to help keep you comfortable on that tropical trip. It has SPF 30 sun protection, like lots of ExOfficio’s products. On top of all that, the fabric has Silvadur, silver-based antimicrobial technology that limits odor, so you can wear it more times without washing it. I can attest that this magic works. Hallelujah for less laundry!

The ExOfficio Wanderlux Cap Sleeve Midi Dress can be found on ExOfficio’s website. Or at SeaTac Airport…just saying.  

Nothing about this review is sponsored. I wrote it because I honestly just love this dress.