How To Pack A Carry-on Bag for Kids

Travel with kids
Bribing kids for travel
This kid has a well-packed carry on!

When traveling on a flight of any length, I firmly believe every kid who can walk should have their own backpack. Not only does this relieve you of the responsibility of carrying approximately 237 Matchbox cars or My Little Ponies, a backpack also provides a convenient spot on a toddler to grab when he/she suddenly takes off in the direction of McDonald’s. (This is also why I put my kids in hoodies — a hood serves this same purpose — but I digress.)

They need toys and books to keep themselves occupied, of course. But you should also think, “Do we have everything we need if our luggage gets lost for 24 hours, or if our plane gets stuck on the runway for seven hours?” Because these things happen!

I put my kids that are old enough to read in charge of packing their own bags, which means checklists are in order…

Print a PDF of this Kids Carry on Packing List.

Carry-on Packing List for Kids:

Happy flying with your little monsters