Review of Hap Tim Insulated Lunch Bag

hap tim lunch bag

Sometimes I can just throw a container of Cheerios in my bag and be on the way for the day. Other times, I need to carry more snacks, maybe some water, and lunch or dinner – and the combination ends up being way more than my purse can handle.

Enter the Hap Tim Insulated Lunch Bag.

Hap Tim Lunch Bag
Yogurt and applesauce – lunch of champions! And pleasantly cool if you add a cool pack into the insulated compartment.

Just like the Hap Tim Multi-Function Diaper Backpack that we have had since Little Monster was born, the lunch bag is attractive, super well built, and has lots of places to put things so your lunch can stay perfectly organized.

Also like the diaper backpack, this lunch bag doesn’t look…conspicuously like what it is. It’s got some style. It’s not a bag that exclusively screams, “I contain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!” You could believe that maybe there is a PB&J in there, but this bag would also make a fine container for some truffle white cheddar, gluten-free crackers and some mini wine bottles…with some Cheerios on the side…because you couldn’t find a sitter for your waterfront picnic with Daddy Monster…

Like the name says, the bag is insulated all around. There are two main compartments – one on top of the other as well as a zippered pocket on the front. The zippered compartment is ideal for utensils and napkins.

The top compartment is perfect for holding a thermos, water bottle, sodas, juice boxes, or whatever your beverage of choice may be. Stick a cold pack in there and said beverages will stay nice and cool for you.

The bottom compartment is large enough to hold a couple bento boxes or containers of food.

And the beauty of having two completely separated compartments is that one can be for cold stuff and one can be for hot stuff. Or you can have both cold or both hot. Or one can just be for the hoard of mandarin oranges your toddler must have wherever she goes because oranges are the only food that matters. You do you.

hap tim lunch bag
Two insulated compartments means you can have one hot and one cold…but my baby just wants more oranges wherever we go.

The bag has both a handle and a removable shoulder strap so you can carry it however works for you. If you have kids, I recommend leaving that strap attached. The base of the bag is also large and flat – another plus for traveling with kids as you can set the bag down and it won’t flop over onto the floor or ground. It’s stable and dependable, just like lunch should be. The flat bottom also helps it travel well and sit patiently on a car seat on your way to, say, Mt. Rainier or the Oregon Coast.

Bonus – the interior is super shiny, which was a special hit with our one-year-old. Life is just more interesting when things are shiny.

Another bonus – if you are by chance looking for a diaper backpack and a lunch bag at the same time, this lunch bag matches the Hap Tim diaper backpack really well as I got both in gray. Because I love gray. But the lunch bag also comes in blue, dark gray, and pink, too.

The Hap Tim Insulated Lunch Bag is available on Amazon for $16.99 and the last time I checked, it was also available with Prime shipping.

Thank you for Hap Tim for providing this lunch bag free for review purposes. While the bag was complimentary, all my opinions are my true and honest thoughts about this lunch bag. Travel with Monsters only reviews products we love!