Amazing Photos of Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica has about a twenty-five million gazillion amazing beaches. Okay, maybe, not that many, but enough that trying to pick out a favorite is sort of like that choosing a favorite child. Is the best beach the one with the turquoise water? Is my favorite son the one that can make me coffee? You decide.

Of course, they’ll all charm you in their own way. What’s not to like about a beach dotted by palm trees in a tropical location? No matter what kind of beach you love, Costa Rica has got you covered – whether you love surfing or swimming, things to do nearby or having the beach all to yourself.

I spent the better part of my most recent trip to Costa Rica taking beach pictures of the many, many beaches we visited, curating our list of the 20 best beaches in Costa Rica. Sure, my husband occasionally grumbled, but he knew the world needed more beach photos. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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photos of costa rica beaches