Things to do in Seabrook, Washington

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Seabrook is a unique Washington Coast town in that it’s completely and utterly planned, which ups the ante on the atmosphere and creates a seaside town that’s charming and well thought out. If you like your coast wild and untamed, then Seabrook is probably not the spot for you. Ocean Shores and other Washington Coast towns have retained their wildness a little more than Seabrook. But if you want to enjoy the coast while staying in an adorable seaside village, then Seabrook is absolutely your kind of town.

And it is adorable. With a little Cape Cod style and walkable streets, Seabrook offers a place where you can park your car when you arrive and not need it again for the duration of your stay.

The lack of hotels gives this community a cozier feel than other towns on the Washington Coast, and if you want to stay here for a few nights, you’ll have your choice of homes to choose from. Unlike picking out a hotel room, every vacation rental here is completely unique, from little one- or two-room bungalows to seven-bedroom homes with sweeping views of the ocean.

The community is not large, but is divided into a few neighborhoods. I enjoy just wandering and seeing what I bump into, but if you want to see where things are, here’s a map of the town. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

seabrook ocean views
The trail leading down to the beach from the center of town is picturesque.

The Beach

Like all Washington Coast towns, Seabrook offers access to the beach. Unlike other Washington Coast towns, the beach is only accessed by means of a long set of stairs leading down from the town 70 feet above. This might be a turn off for some (but it’s great if there’s a tsunami so there’s that), but it’s also part of what makes this location so unique. The views are also different than many other Pacific Northwest towns as that height offers a superb vantage point. Once you’re on the beach, you can enjoy all the beachy goodness your heart desires. Look for shells or agates. Play in the sand or fly a kite. Or just walk along the shore.

Places to Eat

Seabrook has several eateries (and the community still has some growth happening so new places get added periodically). If you want to plan a picnic, look toward the Front Street Market where you’ll find a selection of groceries as well as ready-made items, nicely curated frozen foods, desserts, and gelato. The Stowaway Wine Bar & Cheese Shop is another strong contender for picnic fare, but also a fine place to sit for a wine tasting. If what you seek is a sit-down meal, then look to Frontager’s Pizza Co. or Mill 109 restaurant. And for dessert, stop by the Red Velvet Bakery or the Sweet Life.

Gnome Trail
The Gnome Trail is filled with tiny gnome homes.

The Gnome Trail (and Other Trails Too)

The Gnome Trail is one of the things that really adds to Seabrook’s charm. You’ll find the trailhead near the Old Stump (literally a giant, hollowed out tree stump that kids can play inside) off Compass Street in the Mill District. You’ll be greeted by a sign that lets you know you’re on the Gnome Trail and by another one explaining the home building habits of Coastal Woodland Gnomes, which I thought was a cute touch. As you follow the trail, you’ll spot little gnome homes along the way built out of twigs or painted wood. You might spot a carved mushroom or a sign to pay the troll before you cross a bridge. It’s fanciful and fun and a sure hit with kids. This trail leads into the Elk Creek Trail, which is one of a few trails that lead down to the beach.

seabrook vacation rentals
Vacation rentals range in size from small cabins up to large homes.

Rent a Bike

Buck’s Bikes is located right in town so you can easily rent a bike and explore on two wheels. All the same streets and sidewalks and trails that are fun to explore on foot are equally fun to explore on bike (or I assume they are…I’m all about walking). Bonus – rent a fat tire bike and head down to the beach. Fat tire bikes let you ride on the sand with ease.

seabrook town streets
Seabrook’s streets are super cute and walkable.

Take a Walk

What I most love about Seabrook is how walkable it is. The town streets all have sidewalks and you bump into well-maintained trails that invite you to explore. There are also fun surprises just walking around. Beyond the shops to peep into, you might find a giant Sasquatch carving, a giant chair for photo fun, or a playground. The first time you walk around feels like there are little treats, especially if you have kids as things like giant chairs and giant Sasquatch carvings are great ways to capture the attention of headstrong toddlers!

seabrook sasquatch
I think my daughter thought this was a giant teddy bear. She loved it.


A perk of staying in a planned community is that planned communities generally come with amenities. Seabrook is no exception. You’ll find a playground, a few parks, tennis and pickleball courts, and basketball courts to enjoy. The playground even includes a two-story tower for kids to climb! All of these outdoor play spaces are located at the entrance to the Farm District. There are also fire pits, a gazebo with a view, an amphitheater that’s a great spot for a picnic if there’s not something going on there, and an indoor pool. However, the Crescent Indoor Swimming Pool is a heated indoor pool that’s only available to guests and home owners, but it’s a lovely perk if you’re one of those two things.

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