The Best Christmas Tree Farms around the South Sound

Note: Due to COVID in 2020, make sure you check that your favorite farm is open before you go!

The BEST Christmas trees in Washington state come not from a National Forest (nature doesn’t care about symmetry) or a corner parking lot (can you say “dried out”?), and DEFINITELY not from your garage (just say no to plastic trees!) 

The best Christmas trees in Washington are chosen and sawed down with love from a Christmas tree farm, where they have been coddled and adored and sung sweet Christmas carols all year round, just waiting for your family.

Christmas tree farms are one of Washington state’s best features, in my opinion, and they feature prominently in my family’s Christmas traditions. Sure, some years a toddler screams in the car for an hour because he refuses to put on shoes or a coat in sub-freezing weather, and every year I worry a kid will cut a finger off with a rusty saw, and frequently there is an argument about which tree (and how many) to purchase, but aren’t these the things family traditions are made of? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Happy boy hunting for the perfect Christmas tree at Alpine U-Pick on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state.

Our Favorite Christmas Tree Farms Near Tacoma

My family wants the following in a Christmas tree farm: a good selection of trees; the opportunity to cut them down ourselves; and a friendly staff that will shake the tree (to get rid of those pesky needles) and help us tie it on top of the car. Both these places fill all my Christmas tree farm requirements!


WreathWorks, located in Port Orchard, is our tree farm of choice for the past few years. Don’t let the wreaths reference fool you. You can indeed purchase gorgeous wreaths here, but you can also find a great Christmas tree. This is a wonderful family tree farm for small kids because it’s not gigantic. 

Park in the parking lot, hear the carols blare from the nearby home, stroll through the nice level field and find your perfect tree. There’s hot cider inside the barn and fun decorations, and one year we ran into real-life Santa in between the trees! They will, of course, shake down and help you tie up your tree, and they offer flocking, too. 

Alpine U-Cut

Alpine U-Cut has150 acres of trees near Belfair, providing you with the sensation of tree hunting in the woods…without actually being in the woods. Be prepared to hike a little on uneven ground if you are looking for the perfect tree. If you want to make a full day of this endeavor, this is a great place.

Tacoma Christmas Tree Farms
Christmas tree farms in Washington State are the perfect holiday destination for tree-huggers.

The Best Christmas Tree Farms in the South Sound

All of these Christmas tree farms around Seattle are south of Seattle, but make an easy and festive day trip. 

Coates Christmas Trees and Pfaff’s Christmas Trees

At both Coates Christmas Trees and Pfaff’s Christmas Trees in Auburn, you pay a set price per type of tree rather than per foot, like some other places. Maybe not the cheapest place if you’re looking for a tiny tree, but a great deal if you want a giant one!

Green Acres Christmas Tree Farm

Green Acres Christmas Tree Farm in Edgewood doesn’t treat their trees with chemicals, and maintains the rows between them so you don’t have to feel like you are hiking through the woods. Be aware that they also don’t allow dogs, so leave Fido at home. 

Snowshoe Evergreen

Snowshoe Evergreen in Puyallup has a kids area with smaller trees as well as a spot to write letters to Santa…this alone could make it a winner for some children!

Clyde ’N Dale’s Holiday Trees and Gifts

At Clyde ’n Dale’s in Thurston County, a horse-drawn carriage will take you through the farm to find your perfect tree. A great idea if you have horse lovers in your family. 

Schilter Family Farm

Schilter Family Farm is a favorite of ours for the pumpkin patch in fall, and they do “U-Cut” Christmas trees in the holiday season, too. It’s easy to reach, right off of I-5 outside Olympia. They’ll shake your tree and net it, if needed, and they have flocking available. They do hayrides on weekends, too, so it’s a good place if you are looking for general farm fun with your tree. 

Bacon’s Christmas Tree Farm

Bacon’s Christmas Tree Farm in Bremerton has been in business for 50 years and has a reputation for being friendly and reasonably priced. Plus they allow leashed dogs, so you don’t have to leave your four-legged family member at home.

Beerbower Christmas Tree Farm

If you are looking for a day trip to a fun place where you can pick out your perfect Christmas tree, but are wary of handling a saw yourself, check out Beerbower Christmas Tree Farm in Elma, between Olympia and Aberdeen. You pick it, they cut it!

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