Enchant Christmas Seattle: What to Expect from This Christmas Lights Display

Enchant Christmas does not appear to be visiting Seattle in 2021. Keep an eye out for its return on the event’s website.

Enchant Christmas calls itself the World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze and Market…so I had to see what that was all about. I love Christmas lights displays with a passion. Nothing makes the dark, Northwest days seem a little lighter and brighter in the holiday season than meandering around a lights display all bundled up with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. However, I have never been to a Christmas Light Maze, or any holiday event with so much going on as Enchant Christmas. Hands down, this was one of the most amazing holiday experiences I’ve ever had.

Enchant Christmas takes place November 22-December 29, 2019. When you buy tickets, you reserve a time slot to get in and some time slots started selling out early, so it’s best to plan ahead and book a time before you go.

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enchant christmas seattle maze
The maze as seen from the stands at T-Mobile Park.

The Maze

At a whopping almost 100,000 square feet, this maze is a whole lot of maze! This is now the event’s second year in Seattle and each year comes with a theme. Last year, Santa’s reindeer had gotten out and were scattered through the maze. This year, Eddie the Elf and his sidekick Sparky have lost Santa’s gifts and it’s up to visitors to help find them all.

When you first see the maze, it’s a bit of a jaw-dropper moment. Unlike other area displays that are spread out through zoos or parks, this one is all just right THERE in front of you and it’s just so twinkly! Everything in the maze has lights covering it. Even the outside of T-Mobile Park has lights covering it! You’ll enter the maze through a towering house and make sure to pick up a card from one of the staff members with all the lost toys on it. As your make your way through the maze, you can scratch off what you’ve found.

enchant christmas train
Search through the maze for giant toys like this train, but also a doll, blocks, and more.

As you wander through the wonderment, you’ll discover light sculptures around every corner and “snow” even falls from above in some parts of the maze, which was a very cool touch (hey, anytime I can feel like I’m in snow without ACTUALLY being in snow, I consider that a boon).

Most of the toys are located on the outer edges of the maze, but my favorite part was on the inside – huge ornaments and gift boxes with bows fill the space and often have spaces where you can go inside of them, which was a hit with our toddler. Kids of all ages were running through these light sculptures. You’ll also find yourself walking through lighted tunnels, through twinkling trees, and walking on a pathway that lights up under your feet with each step. Don’t miss going into the giant Christmas tree at the center of the maze. You’ll see it wherever you go, but going inside is fun. Look up! It’s just so tall!

Best of all, T-Mobile Park has a cover overhead. So while this display is very much outdoors and you will need to bring hats and coats and gloves on cold nights, you won’t need an umbrella on rainy nights. I was a little concerned about the cold, but with the stadium blocking the wind and the cover blocking any rain, it felt warmer than being open to the elements.

enchant christmas market
Wandering the market is perfect whether you’re looking for a bite to eat or Christmas gifts.

The Christmas Market

More than two dozen local artists and crafters will be at the Christmas Market. Vendors range from soap makers to jewelry to kids clothing to quirkier inclusions like Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (a Seattle waterfront mainstay that features shrunken heads, a couple mummies, and a lot of various novelties).

enchant christmas buffet
The VIP experience includes a delicious buffet dinner in the Diamond Club.

Food and Drink at Enchant Christmas

If you really want to make an experience out of Enchant Christmas, go VIP! With VIP tickets, you not only get a private entrance that will skip the line waiting to get in, but you are also greeted with a buffet meal. The website didn’t say much about what this buffet would entail and I have dietary restrictions so I’m always convinced there will be nothing for me to eat, but the buffet impressed me! For one, it’s located in the Diamond Club, which is usually for people who buy the best seats for Mariners games. The food was stellar, included tons of options for all types of eaters, and even had a station with chicken strips and pizza for kids. There are also dessert options and a bar (you pay extra for drinks there). Worth. It.

If you are not VIP, you’ll find a bunch of food vendors in the Christmas Market if you need a bite to eat. Grab a giant pretzel or something sweet or even some garlic fries as some of the regular T-Mobile Park food vendors open too. A few food vendors are sprinkled inside the maze too, but those are more along the lines of munchies and hot chocolate than a meal. There’s also a bar next to the Ice Skating Trail where you can have a cocktail, spirits, beer, or cider while you listen to some music.

enchant christmas ice skating
The ice skating trail is lined with twinkly trees and is by far the most festive seasonal ice skating rink I’ve ever seen.

Ice Skating Trail

Enchant Christmas’s Ice Skating Trail is 30% larger than 2018’s trail. You can bring your own skates (with blade guards and in a clear bag), rent some at the event (you can book them when your tickets or at the event itself), or if you get VIP tickets skates are included.

Santa’s Landing

Of course, you can’t have a wintery wonderland such as this without Santa – and Enchant Christmas doesn’t disappoint. Visit Santa’s Landing to let Santa know what you want this year or to take a photo. The set is stunning. Professionals must pay a fee, but otherwise photos with Santa with your cell phone or camera are free.

Parking and Getting There

Enchant Christmas is located at T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco Field) at 1250 1st Avenue, Seattle. You can get here all kinds of ways:

I-5, I-90 and Highway 99 all have exits within a half mile of the ballpark. Google Maps or your GPS can get you there easily.

The Link light rail Stadium station is two blocks from T-Mobile Park’s entrance. You can catch it from any of the stops on the light rail line, or park at one of the park and rides and then ride the light rail in.

There are several King County Metro buses that get you in close proximity to the park, as well as Sound Transit express buses. The easiest way to find your options on public transit is to use a trip planner. Here’s the one for King County Metro, and here’s another for Pierce Transit, both of which partner with Sound Transit.

Parking at the event was easiest for us. I purchased parking with my ticket. If you purchase official parking from the Enchant Christmas website, you will park in the Mariners Garage located at 301-337 Edgar Martinez Drive S., which is right across the street from T-Mobile Park. It’s probably not the cheapest place to park (my parking was $17, and it saved $3 to buy online in advance), but with a toddler and cold evenings ahead, I’m all about proximity and, really, $17 for event parking in Seattle is not bad at all.

There are other parking lots in the vicinity as well as street parking, if you’re willing to hoof it a few blocks or more.

For more information about the event, visit the event’s website.

My tickets to the event were provided to me, but I assure you all opinions and observations are my own. This really was a stunning way to jump feet first into the holiday season! Woohoo!

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