12 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2019

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the traveler on your list, read on!

Is this a self-serving post? Sure. But it turns out that humanity, with its billions of people, has thought up solutions to many, many problems, so why is that my husband and I were fighting tooth and nail over our phone charger on our last trip, and my camera battery was always dead? 

I can’t be the only traveler with these problems, so here’s all the stuff you should buy for those travelers in your life for their next birthday/Christmas/Bat Mitzvah. Including yourself. 

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The Best Traveler Gifts for 2019:

Cell Phone Extra Battery Case

I’m tired of my iPhone/camera running out of battery just as I, say, approach the Eiffel Tower, or get lost in a foreign train station. You can avoid that by having a phone case that doubles as an extra battery, like this one. (I don’t actually have one of these yet…hint, hint, family!)

Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket

I experimented with one of these hidden-pocket scarves on our last trip, and I didn’t regret it. You can stick your money, passport, and/or phone in the hidden pocket in the scarf around your neck, where the sneaky hands of pickpockets are unlikely to travel. 

My conclusion was that having your phone hanging around your neck is a little too heavy, but being able to stick my credit card and some cash in this scarf freed up my hands and was a lifesaver for some of my outfits. Totally worth a try!

Family Travel Wallet

Once you start traveling as a family, having one safe spot for a thick wad of passports plus critical cash and cards turns into a real dilemma. This travel wallet was one of the few I found that could handle five passports and help me keep all my important documents and cards and cash organized. I love it.

Anti-Theft Bag

If you must carry a bag — and let’s be honest, most of us must — consider investing in a bag with zipper locks and other anti-theft features that will make it less likely that someone can snake an arm into your purse on public transportation. I have a little backpack that I love for this, but there are also great anti-theft purses that meet the criteria.

Book Light

If you’re going to have jet lag and be randomly awake in the middle of the night while other people in your hotel room are still sleeping, YOU NEED A BOOK LIGHT. Preferably a tiny, portable book light. That is, if you don’t solely read on your phone or tablet, but some of us are holding a candle for paper books.

Fancy Airplane Blanket

The Coolmax Cocoon blanket is one of my must-haves. It keeps me (or a kid) from freezing on the plane, can be slung over a stroller to shield the sun, or can double as a shawl and not look too shabby. My mom gave me one and it was one of my best presents ever.

Luggage Tag That Really Stands Out

We’re all tired of the same black suitcases, but if you are as cheap as I am, you still own several. Make it stand out on the luggage carousel with a snazzy luggage tag. Also, who doesn’t need another luggage tag? This makes a great stocking stuffer!

Travel-size Silicone Toiletry Containers

I’m sold on these silicone toiletry containers for travel. They’re a lot easier to fill with, say, hair gel than those old plastic containers. And they’re a lot easier to squeeze that harder plastic toiletry containers are. Win win.

Great Insulated Water Bottle

They aren’t cheap. Not the really amazing ones, yet nobody should be on a journey without one, and who couldn’t use another water bottle? Especially one like this Mira water bottle, which gets great reviews and is customizable with the words of your choice so nobody steals it. Genius. 

Portable Female Urinal

Is this kind of a joke gift? Maybe. Have I been stuck places in the last year where I really wished I had one? Maybe!

A portable female urination device, like this one from the aptly named GoGirl, may be your saving grace in some unthinkable circumstances. 

Traveling Clothes With Hidden Pockets

I didn’t really understand the benefit of the tiny credit-card pocket hidden in the waist of some pants and skirts until our recent trip to Europe. If you are traveling to a country that’s basically cashless, a safe place to stick your credit card and/or hotel room key is critical.

By having a safe pocket for my card in my clothes, I could take off on short errands with my kids without a purse, Leaving my hands free to corral my small children. I didn’t have to worry about getting pickpocketed or have my bag stolen. I’m believer now.

I especially love skirts and dresses with this feature, like this Ex-Officio skirt.

Perfect Carry-On Luggage

I mean, IS there perfect carry-on luggage? This is a lifelong search, but I will say that any travelers on your list would be thrilled with quality carry-on luggage that is small enough to meet most international requirements, like this Travelpro suitcase.

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