What to Do at Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point

Farm Country is one of the five main attractions at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. We visited on an Explorer Pass (thank you to Thanksgiving Point for hosting us!) and were able to get to three of the five attractions before nap time became a necessity for our Little Monster.

Farm Country was a bit smaller than the other two attractions we visited (Butterfly Biosphere and the Museum of Ancient Life) and its admission cost is a little lower as well. While I’m sure there are some older kids who would enjoy the experience, I think where Farm Country really shines is its appeal to younger kids. My toddler was in love with the entire experience. The attraction is essentially a large petting zoo.

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farm country Thanksgiving Point
You can join in story and activity times…or you can find a toy and do your own thing too.

What You’ll See at Farm Country

When you enter Farm Country, you’ll be in the main building where you can join in with activities near the front (check the events calendar if you’re interested in joining in a music or story time event). There was a story and song time going on shortly after we arrived, but our little introvert was not interested. You can look at a few smaller animals as well, including some chicks and there was a bunny in an enclosure when we visited too (and it looked like you could adopt a bunny if there are any there, if you want an unusual souvenir). At check in, you’ll get a ticket for the hayride and a sticker for a pony ride.

Pony Ride at Thanksgiving Point

After you explore the interior, you can exit out the back of the main building and venture outside.

The walkways out back are lined with animal pens where cows, goats, horses, chickens, sheep, and pigs live. You can walk right up to most of these pens and interested animals will come up to say hi and let you scratch them on the head.

You can wander through and interact with the animals, but also delve into what it’s like to care for animals. Kids can learn about gathering eggs in the Farm Life classroom, and feed the animals. At 5 p.m. in the summer and 4 p.m. in the winter, you can watch the cows get milked.

Petting Zoo Thanksgiving Point
Just about every animal at Farm Country got to meet her tiny Peppa Pig figurine.

After we wandered around and hung out with a few goats and sheep, we ventured over to the pony ride. Even toddlers can ride these ponies as they have a few very small ones, and the attendant will place kids on horses as best he or she can according to their size. The ponies are harnessed and go in circles so it’s not very adventurous, but my two-year-old was telling us about it for the rest of the day. “I rode Pedro!” (That’s a Peppa Pig reference to those not in the know).

The hayride has photos of horses drawing a hay wagon online, but when we visited, a large tractor was pulling the wagon, which is not a bad thing. Kids love tractors, or at least mine does. The hayride is short and sweet and goes in a large square around fields, a parking lot, and down the main drag of Thanksgiving Point.

Farm Country Hayride
The hayride takes you around the perimeter of the property.

All in all, Farm Country is a lot of fun. Where I really and truly enjoyed the Butterfly Biosphere and the Museum of Ancient Life, Farm Country is definitely more for kids’ enjoyment than adults (after all, they didn’t let me get on the ponies!) But that’s okay. It’s fun to watch my toddler show every single animal her Peppa Pig mini figure.

For more information, check out the Farm Country website.

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