10 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Norway

Listen, if you want to visit Norway for some Viking cosplay, or because you really love reindeer sausage and lutefisk, or to go on some crazy 14-hour midnight hike, I’m not here to judge. 

But I had my own reasons for wanting to visit the Land of the Midnight Sun, even if it meant expensive plane tickets and a red-flight with my favorite little monsters (at least Icelandair made it bearable!)

Here are my top ten reasons to visit Norway, with or without your kids:

It’s a good excuse to buy a Thor figurine, stick him on your dashboard, and admire him on the daily. Ah, Thor. There’s just something about him, you know?

Thor in Norway

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Everybody loves trolls! Don’t judge me. You’ll find yourself taking photos of the omnipresent trolls, too.

Norwegian trolls

The traditional Norwegian sod roofed log cabins kill me every time. Adorable AND eco-friendly? That’s Norway in a nutshell! This sod-roofed log cabin was on a trail on Runde Island.

Sod Roof Cabin Norway

It’s like there is some law against ugliness in Norway. (Wait…maybe there is?)

Norway countryside

There’s a waterfall everywhere you look. You can’t stop at every one, or you’ll never make it to the airport in time. This waterfall was right by the ferry dock at Hellesylt. No kidding. Waterfalls EVERYWHERE.

Waterfalls in Norway

The fjord views are killer. How about this fjord view from the charming town of Stranda.


Norwegians are so trusting they will just leave their canoes out lakeside so your jaw can drop at the sheer charm of it all. (No, we didn’t steal one, but I’m not saying we weren’t tempted).

Beautiful Norway

Norwegian playgrounds are the BEST. (Not the safest…but the best!) If you can handle this ropes course on the Mount Floyen nature playground, you’re ready for American Ninja Warrior, right?

Amazing playground

One word: sheep.

Norway wildlife

Everything in Norway is pretty as a picture. This lake in Jolster Kommune was indeed as pretty as a picture, and made a great place to stop for a picnic lunch on our road trip.

Visit Norway

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