Olympic Game Farm in Sequim: What to Expect and What to Do

Olympic Game Farm Sequim

The Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington, is a unique place – kind of a zoo, but far more interactive as most of the 200 resident animals roam free. And rather than walking through from one enclosure to the next, here you drive through and the animals come to you. That’s right. Animals come right up to your car doors to say hi. You can buy bread at the farm entrance and even roll down the windows to give a friendly yak or llama a slice.

What to Know:

  • Olympic Game Farm is located at 1423 Ward Road, Sequim, WA 98382. 
  • Open hours change throughout the year and some of the usual experiences (like the walk-through part of the tour and petting farm) are closed due to the pandemic.
  • Olympic Game Farm is a drive-through experience with 200 animals, many of which are in free-roaming areas. 
  • Animals will approach your car and if your windows are down, they will stick their heads in!
  • Bring lots of wipes for any unexpected messes.
  • You can buy wheat bread at the farm entrance. You are not allowed to bring in any outside food to feed the animals.
  • You can drive through the farm more than once. One loop through takes 45-60 minutes.
Olympic Game Farm

What to Expect at Olympic Game Farm

When you arrive at the Olympic Game Farm, you’ll first find a parking area where you can resituate everyone in your car, and get the kids into better positions to maximize their view of the animals. Speeds inside the park are very slow and often at a stop since you’ll be behind other people feeding animals. Near the parking lot is also a restroom and a gift shop.

From the parking lot, you can see the main gate and into the park. Once you’re ready to go, drive up to the gate where you can pay and buy some bread. According to the cashier when we went, most people buy 2-4 loaves. We bought two and easily could have gone through a third or fourth after getting swarmed by bread-hungry yaks early on. Sometimes there are limits to the number of loaves you can buy, but don’t worry. It’s still fun to drive through and look at the animals and have them come up to your window sniffing for bread. Also note that you can drive through the loop more than once, if you want.

You’ll get a map at the front with animals in different positions around the loop, but animals within each of the areas are not exactly in the same order as they are on the map. You’ll first drive through an area with yaks, llamas, sika, and fallow deer. These guys all love bread and are not shy about sticking their faces in your windows. I recommend you don’t turn away from a rolled down window because you WILL turn around to a yak in your face. 

You will most likely leave with animal snot on your car and windows. Be warned. Come to terms with it. You may also come across animals who try to chew on your car. We had a yak start tapping at our mirror with its horns. These are animals. They do animal things. When the yak started to tap at our mirror, we just started driving very slowly forward and the yak moved on to other things.

Bring lots of wipes for clean up after or during. We wore latex gloves on our bread hands and had no regrets. 

Olympic Game Farm Bears
There are actually many more bears here than I thought there were.

Predators and Animals in Enclosures

Not all animals at the park roam freely because a bunch of animals at the park are bears. These are behind fences. You can still toss them some bread, and legend has it that some of them will wave to you, but it was hot the day we visited and the bears were in no mood to wave. They were hanging out under their water jets and misters and in the shade.

Other animals in enclosures include zebra, raccoons, a lion, tiger, wolves, and other predators. You may or may not see them as their enclosures provide plenty of space for them to have privacy. Do not toss bread to the predators or other animals in enclosures. 

Olympic Game Farm
Dignity is not necessary.

Bison and Elk

At the end of the loop, you’ll go through an area that has signs telling you not to stop. This area is home to the bison and elk, which are both just about dinosaur sized. We got stuck behind a few cars that did indeed stop, but the warnings are there that these bigger animals may do damage to your car. We took the warnings seriously because I’m pretty sure a bison is bigger than my car. There is also a whole herd of fallow deer in this area.

Other Things to Do in the Park

Generally in the summer, there is a walking tour area where you can enjoy a petting farm, freshwater aquarium, reptile house, and more. When we visited, these were closed due to the pandemic. We will be back another year to experience these!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Sequim is a small town, but there are plenty of things to do nearby, from visiting the Dungeness Spit to touring lavender farms. Check out our full list of things to do in Sequim.