What I Regret Missing During Past Travels Now That I Can’t Go Anywhere

Missing travel

Do you ever look back on a vacation long past and think – I wish I would have done that! I have that feeling often, especially lately as I sit in my house with not much to do during a pandemic. 

I found myself thinking about all the things I didn’t do during my travels that I wish I would have done. I thought I would round some of them up not only to have a pity party for myself, but also to remind me (and you, if you keep reading) how trivial the reasons we DON’T do something can be. Granted, I am happy with my travel experiences and I’ve had a lot of fun, but sometimes you have to wonder if you missed something really awesome for a simple reason. Here are some that came to mind and why I missed out on them.

Biltmore in North Carolina

Once, long ago, my dad wanted to drive with me to go see the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. I didn’t want to go. I am pretty sure I declined because I was having allergies because I always have allergies when I visit Virginia (which is where I was at the time), but I have regrets there not only because it probably would have been a cool place to see, but because my dad is gone now and it would have been just one more adventure we could have had together.

Baths of Caracalla and Pompeii

When I was in Rome, I went to lots and lots of ruins. I love ruins. I went to so many ruins that I started to shrug off going to some of them, but now I wish I would have gone to them ALL. The Baths of Caracalla are some I wish I had seen. A giant, ancient bath complex right in Rome? Yes, please! Also, I wish I would have gone to Pompeii. I almost did, but it’s a two-hour train ride to get there and I was told about a much closer preserved ancient city called Ostia Antica. Make no mistake – Ostia Antica was amazing, uncrowded, and pristinely preserved. I have no regrets about going there and I highly recommend it. But I wish I would have gone to Pompeii another day!

Expensive Gluten Free Meals in Vegas

Okay, so this one might just be me, but I LOVE food and I LOVE dining out, but I have dietary restrictions that can make dining out more difficult than I want it to be. Before I had a child, Las Vegas was one of my favorite places to go, but eating with dietary restrictions there is either tricky or expensive. The last time I went, I stared longingly at a restaurant menu filled with delectable gluten free items…but decided not to do it because of the price tag. Right now, I would love to be sitting in a restaurant and eating a $50 plate of food. I would appreciate the heck out of every bite!

Candlelight River Cruises in Europe

I’ve noped out of these a few times, mostly in Paris and Amsterdam where river cruises are super touristy. I figured that the experience was probably equally touristy, but about five times the price of the daytime cruise without food…so I took the daytime trip without food. I wish I would have taken the nighttime cruise with food. Pretty much, I wish I would have done all the food things. Maybe it’s time for some takeout this weekend.

Rijsttafel in Amsterdam

Yes, it’s another food thing and then no more – I promise. Rijsttafel is an Indonesian-inspired food experience you can enjoy in Amsterdam. The Dutch colonized Indonesia and brought back a taste for Indonesian food, and rijsttafel is one of the best ways to experience the culinary connection that still exists in this country. Rijsttafel is common at Dutch Indonesian restaurants and involves smaller portions of different dishes all brought to your table. We’re talking anywhere from 10 to 40 plates of food! I wanted to do it while I was there, but I think I was intimidated by the idea of such a large meal and not having a mini fridge…I couldn’t even tell you why it didn’t happen because it was on my must-do list. The point is I didn’t do it, but I had wanted to. You know what I can’t do from home? Rijsttafel. And I have regrets.

What have you not done because of cost or other reasons, but kind of wish you had done? Let us know on social media. Let’s dream together about things we should do when we can all travel the world again!