Suzi and Kristin
Suzi and Kristin

Suzette Iverson and Kristin Kendle are mothers, travelers, cousin-in-laws, writers and longtime friends. They met in the mid-1990s – both from nomadic families and both raised by mothers who somehow managed to keep it all together as they herded their children across international borders, onto red-eye flights, and through countries from Oman to Kenya to Ireland and beyond (we still don’t get how they did it). After going to high school together in Japan, their paths took them to far-flung corners of the world. In a statistically improbable turn of events, they both ended up in Western Washington, living a mere 10 minutes from each other.

Suzette started her adventures with kids first; when Kristin started planning her first trip with a baby, she called Suzette wondering how exactly travel with a baby worked. The rest is history.

Suzette is a practicing physician assistant, but most of her time is spent wrangling and feeding her three monsters. She and her husband bonded over a love of travel. They took a trip to Panama after they had been dating for six months, and were married in Costa Rica. Their eldest son took his first international trip at four months. They spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to earn enough frequent flier miles to pay for FIVE round-trip plane tickets.

Kristin is a writer, content manager and editor, and after helping others to run websites for the past 10 years, she’s finally found a project she loves enough to do something on her own. She and her husband met through Suzette (he’s Suzette’s cousin), and bonded through their love of hiking, the Northwest, food and the finer things in life like heckling bad movies together. They have traveled extensively and now look forward to teaching a tiny traveler how to make it through airport security seamlessly.

Someday, they might let their husbands write on this site too…if they behave themselves and prove themselves worthy enough. So keep an eye out for our Monster Dads at some point.